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Hello, peoples! This is the web application for manage statistic and control Association of Street Football of Saratov. If you are interesting coding on Python, web developing with modern JS frameworks and/or you like play football with your friends - welcome to my application.


In Saratov (Saratov Oblast, Russia) there is noncommercial organization (I organize it when I study at middle school) for manage all street football in the city. It has name - “Ассоциация дворового футбола Саратова Assotiation of Saratov street football (rus)”. Idea of this organization is very simple. We have only one football season per year from spring to autumn. If you want to play, you can submit the proposal for competition with you own team and pay only around 10-20 dollars from team for award to the champions.

Because of so little payment we haven’t any refery on matches and we don’t loan best stadions and sportcomplexes. All matches are played in the places around the our schools, universities and old stadions which we need to destroy. After playing each match the captains of each team write result of match to our vk group: and after admin update tables (league table, bombardiers table and other stats) manually. It’s boring and we need to implement application for simple managing of our organization. Also we have a lot of team and more little number of places. For avoid conflicting time our captains write to vk group messages before one week of starting match: “Please, don’t take Avangard stadion at 13:00 p.m in Sunday”. It’s boring also. I think it will be perfect if we can implement some mechanics to book stadion for match with good ui (for example like that ui for booking tickets to cinema).

If you are interesting - you can help to this project. Also I think that you can probably have same organisation in your city. May be it’s Berlin, Rio-de-janeiro or Sydney. You can use this application for you organizations. In future I dream that we can make union of these organizations around whole world!

For users

You can find docs about using this application for you own organization here. Get feedback about all troubles and ideas to our developers team.

For developers

Application provide simple rest api service, thats why you can write you own web and mobile client for this application and integrate part of this application to your services. Description of rest api endpoints you can find in chapter REST-API.